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Connect with INDEVALCO Staff to discuss how we can assist with your program design, monitoring and evaluation processes.

INDEVALCO can help you with Program Management Because it “connects the dots” between resources, activities, and outcomes, a Theory of Change model can be the basis for developing a more detailed management plan. Using data collection and an evaluation plan, the model helps you track and monitor operations to better manage results. It can serve as the foundation for creating budgets and work plans.

INDEVALCO can help you with Communication A well-built Theory of Change model is a powerful communications tool. It can show stakeholders at a glance what a program is doing (activities) and what it is achieving (outcomes), emphasizing the link between the two.

INDEVALCO can help you with Consensus-Building Developing a Theory of Change builds common understanding and promotes buy-in among both internal and external stakeholders about what a program is, how it works, and what it is trying to achieve.

INDEVALCO can help you with Fundraising A sound Theory of Change demonstrates to funders that you have purposefully identified what your program will do, what it hopes to achieve, and what resources you will need to accomplish your work. It can also help structure and streamline grant writing.